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Stealing millions from the British bank Tesco

Stealing millions from the British bank Tesco

Stealing millions from the British bank Tesco

Stealing millions from the British bank Tesco”unprecedented” British Tesco Bank confirmed that the 2.5 million pounds (three million dollars) were stolen from nine thousand customer accounts over the weekend, in what experts described as the first electronic mass piracy of accounts in the Western Bank

The bank – the banking arm of the Foundation Tesco British working in the retail sector – that all banking operations currently taking place normally, after that kept him out of this theft to stop online transactions on the last Monday.

CEO Benny Higgins said – in a statement – “We hail the amount of money to the customer accounts that were stolen, and we raised the ban on Internet transactions, and customers can use their accounts as normal.

” Bank confirmed that customer data was not compromised.

And experts in Internet security warned that small banks such as Tesco are at greater risk of a major economic institutions allocate a larger budget for Internet security.

For example, JP Morgan revealed that she spends about six hundred million dollars a year to secure itself from electronic attacks.

reports said that cyber attacks on economic institutions in Britain rose from only five in 2014 to more than 75 this year.

But officials at the banks and providers of Internet security services say there are many attacks are not reported.